Sunday, March 8, 2009

V-Day with Papa, Gigi, Aunt Roberta & Uncle Lou, plus fun with Jack and Mattie!

Valentines Day weekend brought Cindy’s parents (known as Papa and Gigi) to visit, along with Gigi’s sister Roberta and her husband Lou.  We could pretend that it was the stellar Seattle weather or our incredible company, but let’s be serious – they came to see the kid.

We mostly hung out and played with Finny at Latona…



and took a nice stroll around the Lake – although we all had to kick it into high gear to keep up with Papa at the wheel of the Mutsy!

IMG_2783 IMG_2781

That same weekend, the Mellons had their annual Wine Party, which meant a visit from Matt and Alysia and their daughter Mattie, who is just a month older than Finn and two months older than Bob & Abby’s baby Jack.  (see previous reunion)

We had a hard time getting everyone to face the camera at the same time, but boy those kids are cute!



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