Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Finn, meet Jack, Mattie & Emily

Over the past few years, we’ve traveled to Canon Beach with a big group of friends for a long weekend during the summer.  This year we skipped the event, as four of the five couples involved were all pregnant, due within six months of each other! 

First came Emily, in late June (our elder statesman) to proud parents Rick & Lori.  Next was little Mattie Jo to Matt & Alysia in mid-September.  Then our sweet Finn, late October.  And the final addition joined the ranks on November 20th – John Michael (“Jack”) Mellon, born to Bob & Abby.


The Mellon’s hosted a little reunion of sorts the day after Jack came home, so Finn & I joined them for a quick pic of the babies and their mommies. 


It is hard to believe how much life can change in just one short year!  Congratulations to all the new parents!


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