Monday, March 9, 2009

Whistler ‘09

To continue the blog-post-clustering tradition we seem to do we must tell you about the trip to Whistler!

Smart ma and pa thought it would be a great idea to cap off Brian’s 6 week paternity leave with a trip to Whistler.  Uh, great in spirit but it turned out to be harder than we thought! Leaving Finn at home with Gigi on our last weekend before both of us go back to work…it was tough though of course he was in great hands!

BUT good thing we have such great friends to make the trip worth it!  Along with the Rosens, DJ & Ariane, Rich, and the Stantons we had a great time with some great friends several of whom also left smaller family members back at home.

Brian had a couple days on the mountain with some, and Cindy stayed back skipping riding this year in lieu of leisurely lunches in the village, books, and naps. Ah vacation is glorious.

Ready to Drop the Blackcomb Glacier

Creekside Gondola self-portrait

Blue Bird Day

Peak to Peak ride

Medicating on the gondola

mmm mmm mmm

Après Ski

at Monks

Ate some excellent food

Dinner at Carumba!

And just had great time with great friends.  We heart Whistler.  And coming home to Finn was wonderful.

Us, a big cake, and some plates

Brian messed with his camera and took some action videos.  Here are some of the blue runs the way BW saw them. :)

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