Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We long ago thought Finn could be a Halloween baby since his original due date was October 28th but the scheduled c-section brought him a week early. Doesn’t mean he can’t costume party with the rest of us though.

finn's first halloween 010

Finn’s party pose. Obviously rocking to house music at an all night costume rave. Replete with festive swaddle and pumpkin took, courtesy of Ryan family friend Lia Halter. It's a little bit big this year, but should fit perfectly enough to be completely embarrassing by next!

finn's first halloween 003

Finn after an all night par-tay. Mom had to pick him up as he was under no condition to get himself around. Some silly prankster sewed a giant pumpkin on his bum. Silly kids these days.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Week of Finn

Ah what a week it was! Finn has been his own entity on this planet now for 6+ days and continues to confuse, entertain, sleep deprive, sleep on, poop on, drool on…and melt the hearts of his parents. We love the guy and yeah we are tired and befuddled at his antics at times but cannot believe he is a wee little us. We are sure he must be getting a complex as we just sit there and stare all the time. Amazing how entertaining a sleeping baby is to two new parents.

More glamour shots of the last couple of days…

So cute it's scary

Finn’s shirt actually says “So Cute it’s Scary” with a little ghost on it. We think so. He wore this in his first day out as he had 2 Dr. appointments.

glam for the cam

I have a more “serious” version of this shot but this is better because the looks on both Cindy and Finn’s faces pretty much sum up what they have experienced our first week together. :)


Ollie has been nearby all the time. Here he chooses a nap spot particular close to the action.

Where is Mr. Kitty you may ask? Well as I have been entering this she just coughed up a hairball but I figure a picture is not necessary. Google it if you need a visual (not recommended).

Brian goes back to work Wednesday (tomorrow) and that is just about horrible. But such is life…we have mouths to feed and family vacations that need funding. Kauai in January here we come!


Saturday, October 25, 2008


Uh..Cindy...whatcha doin'?  I'm over here.

OK we have been home now about 27 hours and feel like old pros! Yeah right but we managed to get some sleep and feed the little bugger Finn a whole lot. Cindy has done a great job preparing us for this onslaught of poop, noise, and use of the 38 new pieces of furniture in our house (you know I love you Cindy).

It has been quite amazing weaving Finn into our lives. We still have some work to do in order to get him eating correctly but it is fun that I get to feed him too. This is typical of early newborns so we are just rolling with it enjoying the ride while keeping him fed.

ready to go home Ollie is curious about the whole thing, he appears to like Finn though as he tries to lick him whenever he gets the chance. He has stolen Finn’s toys, watched curiously as he eats, watched him sleep and chirp as in the pack-n-play behind the sofa, came to alert when he cries at 3:30am. All these things are great in that he is just showing he has no idea what the heck is going on but really wants to figure it out. Ollie even got a bath today so he must know life can’t be too off-kilter.

Grandma and Grandpa Dub came over tonight and shared something interesting…a newborn picture of Brian. Cindy and I KNEW this guy looked familiar to us when the Dr. first showed him to us. It was uncanny, hard to explain the feeling, but we may know why. Can you pick Finn from Brian from these two newborn pictures?

Brian or Finn? Finn or Brian?

Anyway, this post is just an excuse to post more pictures…here are a few more from our first 24 hours at home.

gma dub gpa dub sleepy


Pack n Play

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finn Day 1

Due to popular request here are some more pictures from the hospital on Finn’s birthday.


Dr. Walker scrubbing in

FinnDay1 008 Tired after the move (AKA snoozing with mom)

FinnDay1 010

Sleepy Cin and a typical Finn


Finn and his Dad


Gigi and Papa


Grandma and Grandpa Dub

(Finn’s got something to SAY!)


Mom meet your son Finn!


Finn passing his tests


The All-star of the day with some ointment in his eyes.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hi Finn!


The Walker family was incredibly blessed by a new long-awaited addition today, October 22nd at 4:35pm at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, WA.

Finn Michael Walker joined our lives this afternoon via cesarean and he could not be more beautiful. Parents Brian and Cindy and 4 grandparents welcomed Finn into the world at 6 lbs 14 oz and 19 inches long.

Cindy is doing great as she recovers from some adverse reactions to the spinal during her surgery. We go home on Friday afternoon to start our lives together at home in Seattle where Finn will meet his new BFF Oliver.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers many of you have given us over our long journey of starting a family. We cannot wait to fall ever more in love with this little man for whom we are so thankful. We hope to introduce you to him sometime soon. :)


Brian, Cindy & Finn

It’s That Time

Our son has decided to show us who is boss right out of the gates – he’s been breech since early September, and he’s not going anywhere. That means a C-section for mommy about a wee38 weeks 10k before his due date - and frankly she’s just fine with that, given her current state of hugeness…

We head in TODAY at 2pm to check in, surgery is booked for 4p, and we should have baby in arms by 5 o’clock or so. We can’t wait to meet the little bugger and introduce him to everyone. Thanks for all of our kind words and support!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Baby Dub – Coming Soon!

Well folks, the countdown has begun.  Our stubborn son has been breech for a couple of months and has decided that he’s not going to turn around for the big event, so our doctor has moved forward in setting a date for a C-Section and birthday of our baby!  Isn’t it strange how for the past 30 years October 22nd has meant virtually nothing to us and now it will be the birth date of our oldest child?  Pretty cool.

We are almost ready.  Nursery is set up, newborn-3mo clothes are washed and the pack n’ play is assembled (much to kitty’s delight, who has decided that she’d like to sleep in there too).  We still need to install the car seat base and get a few odds and ends, but thanks to all of our generous friends and family I’d say we have pretty much everything we need.

Baby Dub’s room is tiny, but turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself.

Our crib, thanks to Gigi & Papa (Cindy’s parents).  The blank space between pictures on the wall is where his name will go once we’ve hit the “big reveal.”

nursery 3 

…and our plush rocker, gifted by Grandma & Grandpa Walker

nursery 4

Lots of dressers to make up for the fact there is no closet in his room…

Nursery 2 Nursery

We are excited to share this time with each other and all of you!  Drop us a line and let us know what you’re up to as well.