Sunday, March 8, 2009

Playing Catch-up… Back to Hawaii

We have been extremely remiss in keeping our poor blog updated with all of our goings-on.  This will be my attempt to shove six weeks worth of activity into one night of blogging.  Please excuse what I am sure will be less-than-stellar rapport.

We never really finished giving the goods on our trip to Hawaii at the end of January, commemorating Cindy’s end of maternity and return to work (boo) and BW’s start of his parental leave and QT with Finn for the month of February (yea!).

As I’m sure you would have suspected, we had an amazing time in Kauai.  We spent most of the time (to Cindy’s delight) watching whales and waves from the lawn overlooking the beach right outside of our back porch, but ventured out here and there to see some of the lovely sites of Kauai.

One of those was a short drive up the coast to The Spouting Horn, where you can watch water rush under a lava shelf and burst through a small opening at the surface, making a loud groaning sound as it does. 





We also visited lovely Waimea Canyon, the largest canyon in the Pacific at 10 miles long, 1 mile wide and more than 3,500 feet deep.  It was a long and windy road, especially for those of us who get a little – ahem – carsick, but worth the trip.







Mostly, though, we just hung out by the beach and hit happy hour at the nearby hotels for my new favorite tropical drink, the Lava Flow.


Finn pretty much lived in his carseat attached to his stroller, which worked well for everyone.  He had his “friends” to play with, could easily be shaded and could be “rocked” with one hand while I either drank a beer or held a book with the other.  Nice setup.


IMG_2674 IMG_0325


Finn was great the whole trip.  He continued sleeping through the night like the little sleeping champ that he is, played happily in his seat or on the lawn, didn’t mind his paranoid mommy who smeared SPF 50 over every exposed part of his body whenever he went outside (and added socks if his feet were showing).

We got a new camera for Christmas (thank you, us), so BW worked most of the trip trying to tame the new animal.  I thought I would end our Hawaiian recap with a fun sample of some of my trip favorites.  You can see them all on Brian’s Shutterfly account.










IMG_2723 IMG_2704


…I cannot WAIT to go back someday.

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