Sunday, July 19, 2009

Misc Fun

Our little dude is starting to look like… well… a little dude.  He’s sitting up and playing great, occasionally falling to his tummy or back then rolling around to get where he needs to go.  Sometimes he looks like he’s going to try to crawl, but then he just gets tired and lays down with his head on his hands.  Through it all, he drools enough to run a car wash.

Still no actual crawling, real words or teeth, but he loves to “talk” and has the most beautiful gummy smile ever.  Here are a few little snippets…



Brian had an impromptu photo shoot in our backyard last week and got some really really cute shots…

IMG_0855     IMG_0842 IMG_0843 IMG_0852

In addition to his gummy little smile, he has also discovered his tongue, which makes a frequent appearance and usually results in mom and dad laughing hysterically.


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mackenzie and john said...

These are the cutest pics ever. The impromptu photo shoot shots are classic. Finn is so adorable.