Sunday, July 19, 2009

Memorial Day at the Farm & Fun at the Park

Brian has spent the last few Memorial Day weekends fishing with a bunch of friends in Northeastern WA, so Finn and I decided to go spend the long weekend at my parent’s place in Oregon.

While there, Finn got his first taste of a booster seat (vs. a high chair), which he loved for two reasons:  1)  he could sit up straight and tall and 2) this particular booster seat came with all sorts of action on a removable tray – all his favorite rainforest friends that matched his infant seat in fact…


wheee!  eating is fun!

This was also the trip where he was introduced to what our friend Brian Medlock aptly coined “Baby Crack”… Cheerios.   At first, he had a hard time getting the O’s from tray to mouth, but just a week or so later he was an old pro.  Now, two months later, he can grab multiple Cheerios in his left hand then dispense them one-at-a-time like a PEZ dispenser into his mouth.

IMG_3132 IMG_3137

This was also his first bath without a baby tub.  He was still a little shaky at sitting up, so we improvised with the Bumbo.  As you can see from his expression, Finn approved of this activity…  He absolutely loves baths and in fact protests loudly when it’s time to get out.


The following week, Finn spent one of the week days (as is a fairly regular tradition) in the loving care of Grandma & Grandpa Dub.  They took him on his first park visit and swing experience.  Being a pretty typical boy at this point, Finn likes anything fast, high and new, so of course he greatly enjoyed this particular experience.

IMG00044-20090529-1555 look ma!  no hands!


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