Sunday, July 19, 2009

BW’s B-Day and First Father’s Day

Brian had a big couple of weeks – his 37th birthday & his first Father’s Day.  He was out of town on his fishing trip for his “actual” birthday, so we had a mini-family celebration the day before.  We first took Ollie to Bellevue Park, which has a couple of hours of unofficial off leash time in the early evenings.  Finn loved watching the dogs play and sitting in the sun.


IMG_0530 IMG_0533Then we were off to the Cheesecake Factory, which we picked for a couple of reasons – 1) we had a gift certificate and 2) we figured it would be loud enough for Finn to verbally express himself without disturbing the entire world.

IMG_0482 i hear the menu here is absolutely delicious.

The weekend after Memorial Day, Brian’s mom cooked up a birthday feast, and Ollie enjoyed a little bit of birthday limelite.


Brian was actually holding Ollie because the backyard isn’t fenced in, and he had seen a squirrel and really wanted to go chase him.

A week or so later we pulled out all the stops to create a few more “first” memories for Brian’s First Father’s Day.  Brian has recently really gotten into running, training for a half-marathon.  Sunday was one of his shorter training runs, so he decided to take Finn along. 

IMG_3167 IMG_0509 IMG_0512

Afterwards, we met up with the Taylors to take the men out to an afternoon Mariners game – Finn’s first!  The event was fun for everyone, but I know it was especially great for the guys, who took their parental roles very seriously by bearing the Baby Bjorn carriers  for the day.


thanks to our friend Gregg (father of Max)

for helping us get kick-butt seats!


IMG_3184  IMG_3182 IMG_3176 finn and lexie getting up close and personal

(we had to edit out the picture that followed this one)


he got lots of compliments on his Dino hat – Thanks Crows! 

IMG_3178 my two favorite faces.

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