Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanks for Cousins!

This week, Finn met his Colorado cousin Rylie for the first time.  Brian’s sister Jennie and her husband Chad spent Thanksgiving weekend here in Washington, bringing with them our adorable (and unfortunately a little sick) niece.  It was great seeing them – the visit was too short as usual.

The first meeting…


Auntie Jennie, you’re so funny!


We celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday, and Finn wore his Thanksgiving outfit, courtesy of Gigi (his Halloween hat from Lia Halter made a reappearance as well).  It was a tad big, but it’s not like he was going anywhere.


Finn seemed to enjoy his first major holiday (Halloween doesn’t count) despite the fact he wasn’t able to enjoy any of Grandma Dub’s delicious fare. 

Even Ollie was on his best behavior!

Sunday the Walkers hosted a little open house to allow Jennie to see all her WA friends and extended family, so we were able to snap a family pic!


and another one of just the uncles, aunties & cousins…


We are already looking forward to the coming years, when the kids will no doubt frolic together, entertaining us all.


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