Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Stroll with Dad & Ollie

Brian was able to take all of Thanksgiving week off of work, which was fun & a errand-running lifesaver.  It will be no surprise to any of you moms & dads out there that running errands with even a sleeping infant takes twice as long (and ten times the coordination) as running errands without them. 

During one such errand (a long overdue eye appt for mommy), Brian decided to take advantage of a beautiful fall day by taking Finn out for his first walk around Greenlake. Not to be left out (again), Ollie went with!

First, he bundled up our little bundle in a cute little bear pram we got from Cathie Alder (grandma to Mattie Jo of previous post).  Brian was convinced that the pram was for girls because of the ears.

IMG_2493 I, of course, thought he was adorable.

Then they were off, completing the 3 mi loop around the lovely lake near our house.  I was thrilled to hear that Ollie did quite well on his first shared walk – it gives me hope for future walks once I get the green light from the doctor.  True to form, Finn slept most the trip.












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