Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to Our Boys

photo3Today is a big day in the Walker household!  Our little Oliver turns TWO years old!  We celebrated by letting him get really really snowy in the back yard, and with a new, bigger giraffe toy.  As you can see, he hates his new toy.









Not to be outdone, today our little Mr. Finn hits the two-month mark.  It is hard to believe how fast he’s growing.  He smiles and laughs a little in his own way (we’ve discovered he’s ticklish when he’s in a good mood).  He takes after his parents in that he already has a love of sleeping… yet he’s also in the best mood first thing in the morning, which is definitely NOT a Walker or Ryan trait.

Cindy enjoys dressing him in “miniature man” clothes vs. more baby-ish styles.  Here he is in one of those outfits, along with a closeup of his super cool Puma kicks. 

IMG_2561  IMG_2566

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