Thursday, January 8, 2009

Finn, Interrupted – Week 11, Episode 1

I stole this idea from another blog called a lifetime of worry belonging to an ex-Cranium co-worker of mine & his wife, who blog about their daughter Yuki. Now Philip is a copywriter and his wife works in theatre, so it is safe to say that their blog is far more witty, interesting and generally well written than ours. Which is why I am plagiarizing it.

Their segment is called “30 seconds with Yuki” and starts when Yuki is about 6 months old. The :30 spot is pretty much just Philip narrating the silence between Yuki and the camera. Fast forward about a year later, and you’ll find that same little girl running around the house, chasing the camera and squealing in delight.

What I saw (besides their adorable daughter) was a really fun video journal of her life, and how she’s changed. So every so often, we’ll plan on taking some clips of Finn, catching everyone up on his latest developments and letting him tell his story… in his own words.

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