Monday, November 17, 2008

Out n’ About

This past weekend was a busy one, with a double-outing on Saturday!  We started out the day at University Village in Seattle, doing a  little shopping for mom & dad.  a friend of Brian’s from work gave us a “friends & family” discount card for Gap & Banana Republic, and  it actually caused the words “I could use some new jeans and shirts” to come out of Brian’s mouth.  When the man says he needs to shop, you don’t ask any questions, you just go shopping!

Finn slept through most of the shopping excursion, cozy in his car seat stroller, but we found a way to help him multitask just the same…









He did a great job surviving 3+ hours rolling around the outdoor mall on a lovely fall day.  We had our own “tailgate party” as well, with Finn’s lunch being served out the back of Brian’s Acura.

That evening we visited our friends the Torgersons in Redmond for some wine, appetizers, delicious brownies compliments of their seven year old daughter Mari and some baby story-swapping. 

Sunday was the Seahawk game for Brian and a day of rest for a weary and fussy Cindy & Finn.  Unfortunately, the Hawks continued a recent tradition of the Seattle sports’ downward spiral, despite Finn’s obvious support of the home team. 

go hawks

Time to get this boy a Ducks uniform so he can back a winning collegiate franchise at the very least!! :)


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Gregg said...

How about showin' some love for your favorite baseball team?! We've got a big, furry Moose that all the kids rave about.