Saturday, November 8, 2008

And now, a word from the Mommy…

Brian has been doing such a wonderful job of updating our blog these past few weeks, I almost feel like a guest-blogger!  But now that we’ve mastered feeding, Finn is finally sleeping in his bassinet (instead of our bed) and we’ve discovered the bouncy seat, I actually have a few minutes to play with some posts.IMG_2378

This past week was a big one – Finn’s first bath, which he loved once he realized the water would be WARM (vs. the chilly and terrifying sponge baths he’d received up until this point).  As with many of his “firsts” he had quite an audience – in addition to mom & dad, he had Grandma & Grandpa Dub AND Gigi (Grandma Ryan).

IMG_2391My mom came to help for a few days, mostly because of my recovery from my C-section.  She was an incredible help, handling meals, laundry and of course her one and only grandchild with ease.  She headed home today, leaving Brian & I to our own devices, but we send her lots of love and thanks for all of her help!!


Last night, Finn’s umbilical cord fell off, marking his first real “developmental” stride.  (I like to think that when he smiles in his sleep he’s thinking of his lovely mother, but all the books tell me it’s just gas).

We are so blessed to have so many friends and family who have reached out over the past few weeks with congratulatory thoughts, gifts and advice.  Thank you all so much for your support and love!

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