Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We long ago thought Finn could be a Halloween baby since his original due date was October 28th but the scheduled c-section brought him a week early. Doesn’t mean he can’t costume party with the rest of us though.

finn's first halloween 010

Finn’s party pose. Obviously rocking to house music at an all night costume rave. Replete with festive swaddle and pumpkin took, courtesy of Ryan family friend Lia Halter. It's a little bit big this year, but should fit perfectly enough to be completely embarrassing by next!

finn's first halloween 003

Finn after an all night par-tay. Mom had to pick him up as he was under no condition to get himself around. Some silly prankster sewed a giant pumpkin on his bum. Silly kids these days.

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Gregg said...

Remember if you take him trick or treating this year, you keep all the candy!