Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Baby Dub – Coming Soon!

Well folks, the countdown has begun.  Our stubborn son has been breech for a couple of months and has decided that he’s not going to turn around for the big event, so our doctor has moved forward in setting a date for a C-Section and birthday of our baby!  Isn’t it strange how for the past 30 years October 22nd has meant virtually nothing to us and now it will be the birth date of our oldest child?  Pretty cool.

We are almost ready.  Nursery is set up, newborn-3mo clothes are washed and the pack n’ play is assembled (much to kitty’s delight, who has decided that she’d like to sleep in there too).  We still need to install the car seat base and get a few odds and ends, but thanks to all of our generous friends and family I’d say we have pretty much everything we need.

Baby Dub’s room is tiny, but turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself.

Our crib, thanks to Gigi & Papa (Cindy’s parents).  The blank space between pictures on the wall is where his name will go once we’ve hit the “big reveal.”

nursery 3 

…and our plush rocker, gifted by Grandma & Grandpa Walker

nursery 4

Lots of dressers to make up for the fact there is no closet in his room…

Nursery 2 Nursery

We are excited to share this time with each other and all of you!  Drop us a line and let us know what you’re up to as well.

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Anonymous said...

Love reading and viewing your comments and the pictures! Getting so excited for the two of you as you get ready to welcome Baby Dub. I leave for Europe on Monday but will be checking with Roberta rather than your Mom since she will be in Seattle with you for the birth. Got to figure out the time difference so I don't call Roberta in the middle of her night BUT I will be wanting to hear the vital statistics and of course THE NAME!

Love and Hugs,
Aunt Phyllis & Uncle Gil