Sunday, April 24, 2011

One Busy Little Body

Part of the reason we haven’t been as good at keeping this blog up to date with pictures and such is because our child refuses to sit still long enough to actually snap any.  We’ve finally been able to get him to sit fairly still and say “cheese,” but you have about three seconds to grab the picture before he’s headed your way, demanding to “see!! wanna seeeeee!” the image you just took.

I’ve sort of given up on the camera situation.  But we have clipped a few videos lately that are blog-worthy.  They also encapsulate two of Finn’s current happiness trifecta – roughhousing and throwing balls [the third being anything having to do with motor vehicles].

Here is roughhousing:

aaaaaaaaand throwing balls:

and here’s one combining his newfound skill of singing his “ABC’s” with his first love of roughhousing with Daddy. [yes, he skips a few letters at the end, but let’s face it – multi-tasking is NOT in a two-year old’s wheelhouse.

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