Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mother’s Day on the Farm

While Brian’s mom spent Mother’s Day weekend in Colorado visiting her daughter and grand-daughters in Colorado, we took the three-hour road trip down to Oregon to spend it with my Mom.  This was the first time in probably 10 years I spent Mother’s Day with my mom, and the first time we spent a co-mother’s day with her, which made it very special.

The trip was sort of impromptu, so Gigi was quite surprised when we called on Thursday to let her know we’d be showing up at her house (with her favorite grandson in tow) late on Friday.

Naturally, the weekend was less about Mother’s and more about Finn, which was fine by us.   The weather was BEAUTIFUL so both he and Ollie got lots of outside time – sat in tractors, ran around the grounds, tore apart the house… just a normal weekend for an 19 month old boy.


hey! i’m driving a tractor!


helping” papa in the shop

IMG_4457 IMG_4473

IMG_4490  on one of his many strolls around the farm

Finn has decided the blowing kisses is fun – especially when the receiver pretends the kiss knocks them over…


As if getting to visit my mom on Mother’s Day wasn’t enough of a gift, my darling husband put together two really beautiful photo compilations chronicling my first and second years as a mom.  He had to shrink the file quite a bit to make it small enough to put on You Tube – my home version is huge and crisp and so lovely!  But we wanted to share the fun, and I wanted to say a big “Thank You!” to my sweet spouse who makes every day better than the day before.

Don’t forget to turn on your speakers… BW did a wonderful job picking out some really sweet music.

i am so in love with these two guys.

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