Sunday, April 4, 2010

School Pictures

Apparently, Finn’s school had school pictures sometime ago.  Being the super observant mom that I am, I didn’t even know it was happening.  Since we had pro pictures done at 1yr, and plan on getting family pics every year around his birthday, school pictures just didn’t hit my radar.

So last week while I was in San Francisco, BW picked up Finn’s pictures.  Honestly, they couldn’t be funnier.  Between his horrible outfit (as I mentioned, I did not realize it was school picture day) in clothes that were too small, the fact he needed a haircut REAL BAD, the absolutely murderous expression on his face and the single tear making its way down his cheek, I couldn’t have posed this better  myself.

1st School photo

We came up with a dozen different scenarios that led to this picture:  Perhaps they had to end outside playtime early to take the picture?  Or maybe they tried to *gasp* COMB HIS HAIR.  Or maybe, in a truly offensive move they dared wrench a goldfish or graham cracker out of his pudgy little hand before insisting he sit STILL on a little box in front of a fake background.

Whatever the scenario, it has started what I’m sure will be a collection of school pictures that can (and will) be used for girlfriend blackmail sometime in junior high.

Here’s the class pic.  Finn does not look any more pleased with this scenario.

1st Class Photo

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Everywhereist said...

Holy cats - I just found your blog (HI CINDY!) and I love, love, love this picture to pieces. To think, he was a little glimmer in your eye when we worked together.

What a cutie. The tear/overalls combo is full of win.