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Our Little Monkey Turns One (Oct 2009)

Previously, at the Walker House…

Finn started the tradition of “birthday week” early in life.  His real birthday landed on a Thursday, so his party wasn’t scheduled until the following Sunday. 

Not to worry!  Auntie Jennie & cousin Rylie came to visit. so Finn spent his birthday day playing with family at Nana & Papa’s house & then that evening, we had some birthday ice cream & opened presents (round 1).




have you heard?  it’s my birthday!



IMG_3818 IMG_3827

note the change of expression when he sees the candle…

IMG_3829 IMG_3833 you’re gonna love ice cream, kid.  it’s in your DNA.

IMG_3835 IMG_3834

cousin Rylie “helping” finn open his presents


Our attempt to get the cousins to take a picture together took some perseverance, but paid off in the end.








Thanks so much to Jennie & Rylie for making the trip out to  celebrate the Big 1 with Finn & family.  It meant so much!


The weekend following, we threw another birthday party for the Finn-man.  What started as a “family-only” affair ended up getting a little bigger than we had planned for, but we still think everyone had fun, even our little birthday monkey.

Unable to resist, I bought Finn an absolutely adorable monkey costume for Halloween.  We didn’t actually GO trick or treating, but since his party was pretty close to the 31st we (I) thought it would be OK to dress him up for the grandparents for the first part of the party.  He was a good sport to say the least.

IMG_3872 IMG_3875

IMG_3881 IMG_3880

Then all the other kids & adults showed up, we ditched the monkey costume and settled in for the party portion of the day.


IMG_3897 IMG_3900

IMG_3903 IMG_3901 

For grub, we had a “make your own pizza” bar, thinking it would be fun for some of the older kids (& let’s face it, some of the adults too) to get involved in the food prep.  Plus, pizza at the time was one of Finn’s favorites!

IMG_3905 IMG_3914

IMG_3906  IMG_3908


The cake was supposed to look like a monkey as well (to match his birthday invite) but it didn’t come out great.  Luckily, Finn was too young to care and the cupcakes were still delicious!

IMG_3915 IMG_3921 IMG_3923 IMG_3936 IMG_3938



IMG_3946 IMG_3947


this ball machine from the hobarts was a huge hit!

Here’s a (fairly long) video of the whole “Happy Birthday” scene, compliments of Rob Hobart.  Thanks Rob!

All in all, it was a great birthday – thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate!

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