Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Haircut

It’s been awhile since I’ve put up a decent post, and while I intend to play catch up from July through December, I had to post about today’s adventure first.

You may notice from the pictures Brian has been posting lately that Mr. Finn’s hair has gotten a little bit unruly.  It’s a fantastic color and has some really cute curls in the back, but it was starting to grow over the tops of his ears and the bangs were getting in his eyes.  So we decided it was time for a trim.  Yikes.

IMG_4215 our shaggy creature, pre-cut



The torture began by our placing him in a salon chair shaped like a fire engine.  Oh, how could we???  Tears ensued and really didn’t stop until we were done.

IMG_4219 IMG_4224IMG_4220

To truly capture the moment (read: be able to embarrass our son later in his life), we even shot a video.  Sorry about the snot at the end.

Despite this experience being the longest 7 minutes of Finn’s life so far (and frankly, right up there in “longest minutes ever” in ours as well), the results are excellent!

IMG_4228 IMG_4234 IMG_4235


cute?  who… me?

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Gregg said...

The boys are sportin' the shaggy look these days. Maybe your son was crying so much because he's super fashion forward. Maybe mix in a faux hawk next time & see what he does.