Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our First Mother’s Day

The boys really treated me right for my first Mother’s Day.  The day started early with a meal at our place for Brian’s Mom Louise, who was lucky enough to see both her grandkids on Mother’s Day despite Rylie living in Colorado!

Mom Walker was kind enough to snap a family pic of us, something that doesn’t happen very often. 


After that, we laid low until Karissa came by and the two new moms headed to the WAC for some quiet, relaxing massages while the boys and kids stayed back to prepare a delicious Mother’s Day feast.  Massages were capped off with a snack of cheese and martinis and a little bit of shopping before we headed back, where the boys were cooking up a storm and the kids were enjoying each other’s company…

 IMG_3105mind if i touch your kitty? 


 nah. these kids aren’t used to having their pictures taken.

IMG_3109nat corralling all the monkeys. 

We had a delicious pot roast dinner with great company, just reveling in the fact that our two families have been brought even closer by the arrival of our children, born only a week apart. 

It is hard to believe that just five months ago this was me and my little boy…  I am so very very blessed.


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