Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oliver the Grey becomes Oliver the White

We go out on vacation, and Oliver gets his typical wearing out with the other dogs at the Seattle Canine Club (please use your best Thurston Howell, III voice when you speak this location).  Unfortunately he often comes home with a little extra Giardia, kennel cough, fleas, bronchitis, and any other ailment that may cause unexpected expulsion of bodily fluids (ewwww). That is only sometimes though.  This time it was bronchitis and a 103.7 fever, but I digress.

It is however guaranteed he will come home not white but full on greasy grey.  This past trip was no exception.  Pictures to prove it – you can tell he even is ashamed of his mess!

Before…sad grey Ollie

Ollie the Grey

and after…happy white Ollie

Ollie the White

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